quick takes

This story on NPR pretty much describes everyone I know that is my age.   Us Millenials are more concerned with happiness than our future careers.  AKA the problems associated with attachment parenting.


Which is why this is  just weird.


I live an old fashioned life.  The current set up of my life wouldn’t be much different if I had graduated college in 1971.  I got a job right out of school in the career I prepared for, and since I work in Catholic school, my teaching job is old fashioned too.  I get to be as creative as I want with my curriculum and have absolutely no test to be accountable to.  The modern difference is that I’m not a nun. And I have a website.


People can be really kind.  My BFF in Everett is my 47 year old teaching partner.  Yesterday,  her husband sneakily came and weed wacked my lawn.  It was pretty awesome of him.  I want to be like that when I grow up.


I went and saw Mark Shea at a small eventish thing in Seattle on Wednesday.  He talked a lot about apologetics.  It’s nice to listen to smart Catholics talk.  It’s also nice to be in the city… I can’t believe I went on a weeknight!


Today I had a guest speaker come into my class and talk about his job.  He works for Triton Seafood running a vessel in the Bearing Sea.  Did you know that every 6 hours they process and pack over 40,000 Alaskan Pike.  He also brought a bunch of species of dead fish for the kids to touch.  It was pretty funny to watch the boys get excited and the girls freak out.


There are a lot of jobs out there that school doesn’t prepare anyone for.  It’s a problem really.


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