get up and walk

Today I had the kind of morning where I should have had less whiskey the night before, only last night unfortunately did not involve whiskey.  Mostly I was distracted because I got to wear my cute new outfit from the Banana Republic Outlet.  Plus I was having a good hair day.  In my life, when good hair and good clothes fall on the same day it’s a special occasion.

Anyways, I wasn’t paying any attention and when I went to turn on my car I realized my car and house keys were inconveniently on my kitchen table…behind my locked back door.

I tried to jimmy the lock with my credit card.  I tried saying “shit” loud enough for my neighbor to hear (who has broken into my house for me before).  I tried the card again.  I yelled, “shit!” The minutes ticked away and I was no closer to school than when I got in my car.  Not being at school on time to welcome 27 preteens is sort of a big deal.  I panicked, then I realized, I’m going to have to hoof it.

I live less than 2 miles from work and it isn’t a bad walk on a clear morning, if I didn’t have kids coming into my classroom in 10 minutes.  So I walked. Commuter cup in hand in my cute little outfit, through the streets of North Everett where people are out because they are either getting home from work or still strung out on meth.

And you know what? It was a nice walk. Eventually I was picked up by my student’s mother.  I made it to work on time while realizing just how much I like the community I’ve found myself in.

Last night I feel asleep wondering how my life became so boring (I have a tendency toward restlessness).  This morning God spiced it up a little.  It’s like He could tell I was feeling paralyzed by my mind, and just like he told the paralytic, he told me, “GET UP AND WALK.” (Luke 5:24)



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