Quick Takes

Today I heard the best proof for the existence of God.  Ever.  Maybe because I love amateur theoretical physics (excuse me while I push up my nerd glasses).  It’s an argument postulated by Jesuit priest Robert Spitzer, head of the Magis Center of Faith and Reason.  Check it out here.


I had the honor to hear Fr. Spitzer at the Archdiocese of Seattle in-service for teacher excellence. It’s beyond me why, of all people, educators would think that if you put a bunch of people in an auditorium for 6 hours with one break, they will listen the whole time.  I caught myself zoning as Fr. Spitzer was discussing Jesuit spiritual exercises, and I’m a total nerd about that stuff!


Speaking of theoretical physics, check out this video (it’s not too heavy and totally worth it):


I love this so much.


I recently moved from hipster Portland, OR to a more… humble mini-metropolis (high crime, big trucks).  Many things have changed, but the breeds of dog and people at the dog park are the most apparent.  Hipsters do not have great danes or mastiffs.  However, once I got over myself, I have really grown to adore my new dog park friends.  These people are HARD WORKERS, most have wage earning, physical labor type jobs, and they are as loyal as their four-legged friends.  If I stop thinking so highly of my polished self, I would be honored to know them.


Tomorrow is the big game. I plan on taking the train into the big city and cheering on Nebraska at a sympathetic bar until I go hoarse.  Go big red!


While I may be PNW born and bred, my extended family lives in Nebraska.  I have such a soft spot for the mid-west!  I have never met anyone there who isn’t just spectacularly amazing.  Maybe because most of the Nebraskans I know are either closely or distantly related to myself.


It’s almost Fall, and Fall is the worst.  I mean, it’s really the best.  But all I want in Fall is someone to snuggle with.  Old me would find someone, anyone.  New me is waiting for a man of faith.



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